About Nada Kano

After years of training at the Centre du Marais in Paris [mainly under Yves Casati/dancer of the Opéra de Paris], and a career as a dancer in Europe and Lebanon, Nada Kano moved back to Beirut in 2002 to create a space for dance to become a possible career path in Lebanon. She founded the “Beirut Dance Studio” in 2007, the “Beirut Dance Company” in 2003 and the “Beirut Dance Project” in 2009.


The establishment of the first Lebanese professional contemporary dance company that is based on classical and contemporary techniques to provide a tangible outlet for dancers seeking a future in this field and to promote this art form in Lebanon.

L'Etreinte (2011)

L’Etreinte (2011)

Context and Background Statement

Dance in Lebanon, like all other forms of art, has suffered greatly from the effects of the civil war and has not yet recovered. Sociopolitical unrest is still part of daily routine and at times an obstacle to show scheduling and the mere fact of reaching the dance studio due to periodic roadblocks and armed conflicts.

Even before the war, there was no professional ballet or contemporary dance company that provided a solid outlet for dancers trained in a handful of good dance schools that existed then.

In 2003, professional dancer Nada Kano who trained in France and the United States started the Beirut Dance Company in the hope of providing a promising arena for Lebanese dancers. Despite the success of its performances, the budding company needs further support to be able to become of world-class standard and contribute to the country’s post-war artistic revival. In Lebanon, the state offers almost no support to the arts leaving artists to find their own resources.