The dancers of the future

To date more than 70 children from deprived areas in Beirut benefited from the project and there are currently 15 children following a professional dance training program at the Beirut Dance Studio; including daily dance classes and framework activities.


Many parents have noticed that their children have increased self-confidence, firstly because they are proud to succeed, secondly because they feel privileged to benefit from this training. 

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About the BDP


The Beirut Dance Project was launched for the first time in Lebanon in November 2009 with the support of Unesco and aims at offering professional dance training to children living in difficult social and financial contexts.


The project has two major goals. The first one is to grant access to the art world to children who live in difficult social and financial situations. This channel would offer marginalized children an alternative way of overcoming their daily problems through the psychological and physical benefits linked to dance practice such as self-confidence, discipline, mental strength as well as providing them with a powerful tool for self-expression.

The second main goal is to identify talents and offer young people a chance to achieve their dream of becoming dancers; thus creating a group of potential professional Lebanese dancers that would empower the dance sector in Lebanon.

When Children Dance

Radical changes are observed in the children of the Beirut Dance Project:

On the one hand, professional training in dance has developed their ambition to succeed and desire to stand out. Moreover they are aware that this opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime chance and therefore give the very best of themselves, which develops their sense of motivation and builds up their personalities.

Many parents have noticed that their children have increased self-confidence, firstly because they are proud to succeed, secondly because they feel privileged to benefit from this training.

On the other hand, the project has had an impact on their day-to-day lives: dance classes are an escape from their daily routine and foster their sense of responsibility: they must take care of their dancing outfits, be on time for classes, but also learn to manage their time between academic and artistic studies in order to perform well in both areas.

Children also learn to interact with society and to be part of a group. They develop a new sense of identity, away from the socio-political tensions in which they normally live. And finally, the children are expanding their cultural horizons through the discovery of the dance world as well as through the regular visits of unfamiliar spaces and the interaction with people the milieus of which are normally out of reach.


We are very grateful to all whom have supported this project:

The first year of training (2009/2010) was funded by Unesco also partly with funds raised through a show that was presented by the Beirut Dance Company in April 2010 at the Sunflower Theatre; the show was supported by Bank Audi. The Beirut Dance Studio covered the project management and administrative costs.

Academic year 2010/2011 was partially funded by the Fondation d’Entreprise CMA CGM and the Fondation Philippe Hatem.

Academic year 2011/2012 was funded by the Fondation Philippe Hatem, the Fondation Charles Chikhaniand theInstitut Francais in Beirut;alongside a sponsorship from Crave Fusion Cuisine.

The project has also been previously supported by small grants from the Geroges N. Frem Foundation, the British Council, La Libanaise des Jeux and other private donations.