About Nada Kano

After years of training at the Centre du Marais in Paris [mainly under Yves Casati/dancer of the Opéra de Paris], and a career as a dancer in Europe and Lebanon, Nada Kano moved back to Beirut in 2002 to create a space for dance to become a possible career path in Lebanon. She founded the “Beirut Dance Studio” in 2007, the “Beirut Dance Company” in 2003 and the “Beirut Dance Project” in 2009.


The Beirut Dance Studio

Established by Nada Kano in 2007, the Beirut Dance Studio is a space that offers open training to young dancers who aspire to reach a professional level.

As a school, it is slowly developing into a dance institution with both regional and international recognition and plays a key role in the promotion and strengthening of dance training in Lebanon.

The Beirut Dance Studio holds Classical Ballet classes for adults and children throughout the year as well as punctual workshops by invited educators and choreographers.  The Students’ efforts are embodied in an end-of-year performance that takes place every other year.


Previous Beirut Dance Studio shows include:

2012 > Beauty and the Beast (reprise)

2010 > The Little Mermaid

2008 > Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

2006 > Beauty and the Beast

2006 > Les Cadeaux de Noël

2005 > La Répétition

2004 > Alice in Wonderland


With more than 150 students starting the age of five, the studio offers Classical Ballet classes to children from October to June as well as daily adult Ballet classes all through the year.

Children register during the month of September and are assigned a group based on their age or competence.

Adult classes are of intermediate and advanced level; they are open classes and form part of the professional dance training of the Beirut Dance Company.

The studio also hosts the social integration program four days a week. Please follow the Beirut Dance Project link for further information: http://www.nadakano.com/project.

grande salle

grande salle

Space & Space rental

The Beirut Dance Studio is a 600m2 space with three dance studios, changing rooms [one for men and one for women, each with showers], a study area, reception and a cafeteria area where movies can be screened and where Company meetings usually take place. It also houses The Dance Shop point of sale.

The Beirut Dance Studio is a very large and open space where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Beirut, the mountains of Mount Lebanon and the incredible colors and formations of the Lebanese sky while preparing for class.

Independent artists and small companies looking for rehearsal space can hire either of the three dance studios:

“Salle Blanche” – 90 m2

“Salle Grise” – 90 m2

“Grande Salle” – 145 m2

salle blanche

salle blanche

salle grise

salle grise